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My name is Sambit Praharaj. Ambition, optimism and process oriented approach drives me. Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Researcher working with the Educational Technologies & Artificial Intelligence group at CAIS and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. You can find my profile pages on both their websites: CAIS and Ruhr University Bochum. My primary research is focused on detecting the quality of collaboration during teamwork and then give real-time adaptive feedback to support collaboration using Multimodal Learning Analytics, Collaboration Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

I graduated as a PhD on Educational Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. I started new research adventure as a PhD candidate in the Technology Enhanced Learning Innovations (TELI) group in Open University of the Netherlands from 1st of September 2017 and finished on 11th March 2022 with a successful PhD defence. My promotors were Prof. dr. Marcus Specht and Prof. dr. Hendrik Drachsler. Additionally, I had Prof. dr. Maren Scheffel as my co-promotor and daily supervisor. My research primarily focused on the use of Multimodal Learning Analytics in a face-to-face collaboration setting to do automatic collaboration analytics to gain insights into the collaboration processes. My research interests revolve around Artificial Intelligence in Education, Collaboration Analytics, Learning Analytics, Collaborative Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Educational Data Science, Technology Enhanced Learning, Educational Technologies and Educational Sciences.

I lived in the beautiful city of Valkenburg in the Netherlands sandwiched between Germany and Belgium in near proximity. Now, I am living in Bochum, Germany which is very close to Dusselforf and Maastricht.


Previously, I was a Master’s student in the Web Information Systems group in Computer Science at TU Delft collaborating with Lambda Lab and researchers from University of Lugano, Switzerland. My advisors were Prof. Alessandro Bozzon and Prof. Claudia Hauff. The platform which I was using for my thesis is ASQ whose founder Vasileios Triglianos, currently a PhD student in the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Lugano was also assisting me in my thesis. I finished my thesis on “Data Analytics in Web-based Education in the Higher-education Classroom”. Main focus was on developing tools and methods in classroom analytics using web-based lecturing tools where I was responsible for preparing the slides which are to be used in the Bachelor’s Course of Web and Database Technology for the session 2016-17 which was mostly designed in impress.js and some using reveal.js in ASQ.

My other focus was to design a traffic light type semaphore lamp which can help in the visualization of the attention states of the whole classroom in realtime whose initial design is in this repository. This design was left in its premature stages due to time constraints during a Master’s thesis. Afterwards, the data i.e. gathered as log files from all the lectures which is around 19 which includes 15 live lectures and 4 live labs that use ASQ for live database query, quizzes and live nodejs implementation was analyzed in this repository from different perspectives to indicate the attention level, reaction time, cognitive load, performance, attention variation, property of different group of students, etc. which can improve the current state-of-the-art classroom teaching while lessening the burden of teachers as they can get some idea regarding the state of the classroom from these indicators to improve their courses next year and also may work on some kind of intervention as a future work.


Everything about me:
Email: sambit[DOT]praharaj[AT]cais-research[DOT]de OR sambit[DOT]praharaj[AT]rub[DOT]de OR sambit_praharaj[AT]yahoo[DOT]com