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Recent News

  • [July 2022] I was invited for a research visit to IUT Laval in France for a talk. Here, I presented ideas on my PhD and Postdoc research and also discussed possible collaborations with the university and Iza Marfisi in the future.
  • [June 2022] I started as a Postdoc Research Assistant at CAIS and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. I will be working within the research theme of Educational Technologies and Artificial Intelligence.
  • [Mar 2022] An experience of a lifetime when you end something significant! PhD done :) Successully passed my PhD defence on 11th March 2022!
  • [Mar 2022] Excited to say that my public PhD defence will be streamed live sharp at 13:30 CET or 18:00 IST on 11th March 2022!
  • [Feb 2022] First batch of my PhD thesis (dissertation) hardcover copies arrived now! Almost walking on a dream!
  • [Feb 2022] Very happy that my PhD thesis (dissertation) was accepted by the committee and my proof book arrived to check the pages before final thesis can be printed on a scale!
  • [Dec 2021] LAK Conference Article was accepted where the acceptance rate was 29.5%
  • [Nov 2021] Submitted PhD thesis to my supervising committee
  • [Oct 2021] Submitted last PhD article to LAK Conference
  • [Sept 2021] Working on the last article for PhD targeting the LAK Conference 2022 (deadline 5th Oct 2021 14:00 CEST) and also writing PhD thesis!
  • [July 2021] Finally after 2 years, multiple round of major revisions, our article is PUBLISHED in IEEE TLT Journal Open Access. Literature Review on Co-Located Collaboration Modeling Using Multimodal Learning Analytics—Can We Go the Whole Nine Yards?
  • [May 2021] Working on the third round of revisions for the IEEE TLT literature review article to be submitted in May 2021
  • [May 2021] Finsished co-supervision of 2 Master thesis students in Open University of the Netherlands
  • [May 2021] Journal article is published in Sensors special issue after minor revisions. Details to access the open access article can be found in the following tweet and also in the publications section