Finally, on 8th of June, we wrapped up a wonderful one week of eating, meeting, greeting, networking, traveling, presenting and above all not sleeping! Wait, what did I say just now? Ok, let’s go back to 1st of June when everything started. A bit of context: Summer school is an aggregation of like minded individuals (in our case in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning) from all over the world (coming all the way from Srilanka and Australia too)! This year, the 15th summer school was organized in Bari, Italy from 1st to 8th June in the beautiful beachside. A big thank you to the local chair Daniele, all members of the organizing team and all members of EATEL including Mikhail for making this possible.

Getting back to the summer school, we had 2 dedicated days for excursions apart from the tight-packed days of workshops, keynotes and other fun events covered over Twitter very well by most attendees of the conference. We also had poster sessions, advice sessions, social games like “How to fail your PhD?!” and a very short 30 second introduction for everyone (aka Pecha Kucha). Personally, I would remember 3 things i.e., the people, food (sometimes it was 5 course with rich variety and always overflowing) and the amazing organization team working so hard to take care of the bits and pieces. Some of the important memorable moments can be found below in few embedded tweets:

Yes, you saw it right, you can also get hired as a PhD or Postdoc from these type of events like the summer school! Also enjoy the slideshow of some 10 memorable pictures in the header of the blog! I totally forgot that we organized two workshops too.

The Vlogs on this Summer School experience on my YouTube channel:

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