In utensils, bring a pressure cooker which is a must, some plates, bowls, spoon (1-2) and a glass if possible, if you want to cook then 1 cooking pan for first week then Ikea will have everything at pretty affordable prices, Check their website and my video on Ikea. Some food items like rice, dal or lentils, basic spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric, salt only for first few days then better buy from local Asian, Turkish or Indian markets where you find everything but bit expensive. For example the spice that is Rs. 60 in India may be between Rs. 120-150 here. But, it doesn’t make sense to carry all this from India with weight limit where other things can be carried. Check the Asian Supermarket video.

Pretty basic stationaries like the cello tape, use and throw pen maybe 20, markers. They are generally expensive here in Netherlands. Batteries (both AA and AAA). Rope, clips, nail cutter. Soap, Deodrant, Tooth brush and Paste, Trimmer. Trimmer will be the best handy tool which I also mentioned in the cost of living video. It can save you few bucks whenever you cut your hair yourself instead of cutting outside. I do that always till today and it is not difficult after few attempts. Trust me on this! A decent one from Philips will have 5 year warranty and will cost around 40 Eur which is pretty cheap compared to cutting hair in a salon paying 10-15 Eur each time! Check the cost of living video to know more! Don’t forget to keep 2-3 universal adapter which can be really useful as everything in Netherlands and Europe are 2 pin. Good thing is that most of the 2 pins from India will fit in the socket like the thin 2 pin mobile chargers and 2 pins from some other electrical appliances.

Few cash like 500-1000 Eur for initial expenses and also try to have denominations as low as 10, 20, 50 Eur or few 100 Eur. Also, a must carry is a Forex card or a International Travel card like from SBI that I used which can be topped up from India in Rupees and will automatically give you Euros. Whenever you withdraw in Euros from ATM then it will charge you around additional 2.5 Eur but this can be avoided by paying via Card in all Supermarkets, stores, every place pretty much accept card and it is almost a cashless economy in the Netherlands!

Try to have all types of clothing that you use but don’t bring any winter clothes as they are pretty cheap in Primark, C&A and Hema and of much superior quality which fits the basic use in Netherlands. Check the Primark and C&A video to get an idea and also check their website to know the prices. Moreover, have jeans which are very expensive if compared to India. Basic good quality jeans price will start from around 40 Eur. Also Adidas and Nike sports and running shoes are cheaper in India as compared to here. So, pack 2 pairs and you can buy sneaker and rest stuff here. So, have a few pairs and also have a suit top like just the coat or suit whatever which you will need sometimes in special occasion. Have sufficient other types of clothes that you use and you can buy blankets here which are pretty robust and cheap. Normally fleece blankets are around 10 Eur and Duvets cost around 20-30 Eur. Don’t worry about the utilities. You can find them in Ikea in cheap price and if you have already booked a furnished house then you will already have everything with you when you arrive! I know I have covered few important things and have not covered everything! So, comment on my YouTube video so that I can do another video by answering your questions and covering the missing list!

Depending on the documents you need to carry, try to have 2-3 set of hard copies and also save offline in mobile phone and laptop and online in cloud storage like Google Drive! This is a really important things. Apps that you should install before arriving in Netherlands will be covered in the next video.

The Vlog on the things that you need to pack before arriving in Netherlands:

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