My study abroad talk in an Indian university

This presentation was at VSSUT Burla, India my alma mater on studying abroad specifically doing higher studies in Europe, The slides below will provide a brief overview:

Summary of my talk

For the details, please check the Vlog link at the end of the Blog. In short my discussion was on how and why you can choose to study in Europe like depending on different factors (such as climate, scholarship, tuition fees, social life, education system, jobs, internships, living expenses), admission requirements (CGPA, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS score, GATE score, SOP or motivation letter, letter of recommendation), what to choose (such as Masters, PhD, MBA, PhD), examples to apply abroad and build a profile (such as contacting via LinkedIn, Quora, sending Emails to Professors, building an academic website, applying for multiple positions without being disappointed by rejections), important websites that can be used and finally about our alumni who are studying and living in Europe for last few years and can help everyone who contacts them! Finally from 42 minutes onwards till the end of the video, there are nice questions asked by the fellow participants which made the interactive session fun and richly informative for you all watching to learn more about different challenges, solutions when applying for the European universities and choosing a specific stream.

Entire vlog (video) on this talk

The YouTube VLOG (Note: TIMESTAMPS in the video description will ease the navigation!) where I discuss in details everything about studying in Europe for Indians:

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