I finished my Msc in Computer Sc. from TU Delft in 2015-2017 as a non EU student (actually from India). I had a very positive experience with my whole MSc in CS, and even got into a PhD program of my choice in the Netherlands immediately after finishing my Masters for which I already had the offer almost 2 months before finishing Masters! So, I might sound overly OPTIMISTIC in sharing my experience and you should proceed with CAUTION when you join the program. But, anyways here are the reasons why I find the program very good:

Academic Load

It is always on the higher side in any faculty, may it be CS, because of the quarterly study system followed in the Netherlands. Every Quarter you are supposed to finish 15 ECTS if you want to stay in track and finish your Masters in time. In TU Delft, Msc. in CS ideally have most of the courses of 5 ECTS each (some may be also 4 or 6). So, on an average you have to complete 3 courses in 1 Quarter. It is not that easy as it may sound now. Each quarter excluding exam time and holidays, it is like around 2 months. Also remember that each course may have a combination of weekly assignments, group projects, exams and labs!! So, the key is to PLAN the right mix of courses with possibly 2 hard courses and 1 easy course in each quarter. My advise also will be to try to take 4 courses in some quarters if possible so that you can give more time for the thesis and complete your Masters on time! I did that and instead of 60 ECTS, I completed 75 ECTS in one quarter and instead of 9 months for the 45 ECTS thesis, I could easily give 1 year for my thesis. So, if you PLAN properly the courses you will take before starting the thesis then it will make it much easier for you! One good TIP is to take courses that do not have exams if they fit your interests as those courses are more demanding with regards to the time required to work on them but at the same time they are less STRESSFUL as they have no exams and no fear of failing the course to prepare for the resits! (At least that’s what I felt.)

Study, internships, part-time jobs and jobs

Student associations like Christian Huygens, Indian Student Association and career fairs where you can discover different companies via their representatives. It is meant to be a event to come in contact with these companies and not expect it to be a recruitment drive! Also look for Yes Delft which is like a startup incubator. The study associations also organize student trips and cultural events like barbecue night and Holi. Industrial internships can get you paid and there are different part-time job options that can be found in these videos:

Thesis and research

The thesis can be done in any of the research groups in CS depending on your interests irrespective of which tracks in CS (Sofware Technology & Data Science & Technology) you are currently in. So, better try to look into different research groups and make up your mind of joining one group by the end of first 7–8 months or at max end of 1 year. Talk with the existing PhDs and PostDocs of these research groups to get an idea about the projects they are working in, the working environment and how is their relationship with their supervisors.

Language and student life

Without speaking or knowing Dutch you can easily get a job in CS and survive in Netherlands as more than 99% of the people here speak English fluently! But, if you want to integrate and have long term goals of staying here then spending few hours each day to understand very basic Dutch is recommended. Delft is a small, cosy and beautiful city and every weekend the hard working students find some time to party. You can also go to close by cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Den Haag. Travel with the OV Chipkaart. Check this travel in Netherlands playlist to know all the details:

Cost of living

Check my answer in Quora: Sambit Praharaj’s answer to What is the cost of living in The Netherlands if I have to study in a Dutch University such as TU Delft or TU Eindhoven? Also check these videos on cost of living:

Job prospects

I have a video series on this. Do check it out to get the complete picture! Checkout Vlog 34 (where I have discussed with a short interview about all questions related to job, internships, search visa for 1 year stay after study for job search) in my YouTube channel to know more about studying, living, traveling in the Netherlands and SUBSCRIBE for more such content! Check this video to know the details.

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